want  Water tight? Get TAPFLASH


Our Promise

To deliver a watertight result while simplifying the process of installing tapware. We understand the time & cost that goes into fixing leaking taps in showers and all other wet areas, which is why we developed a TAPFLASH. Whether your a professional or just doing a bit D.I.Y we have the solution for you.


The System
The Advantage


The TAPFLASH advantage; Dry walls that stay dry and valve spindles that are easy to remove / replace when tap washers are changed.

Our unique design and patented system, creates a watertight seal ensuring your wet wall cavity stays dry. How? Should there be a leak in the valve or fibre washer, the water drains out to the external tile surface, unlike conventional methods, which can trap the water between the tiles and dry wall. This usually leads to significant water damage (often unseen until significant damage has already occurred). 

Not only does TAPFLASH stops any water damage to the internal walls, it also takes the headache out of replacing the spindle valve, as it does not require excess silicone to be removed (not put there to start with).

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Convential Method

TAPTIGHT sectionREV C.png




Assuring watertight seal is the result when using the TAPFLASH system, whether it be for new build or retrofits this provides you with the peace of mind that water damage is a thing of the past.



Understanding the time pressures of the building industry just delivering a better end product wouldn't be enough, so we made sure that installing the system fits into existing workflows and quick to install .



Apart from not having to pay to fix water damage anymore. Our system is so easy to access for repairs and maintenance you will save on labour time, and don't have to worry about any rectifying work.


1. Sealing sleeve   2. wall Flange   3.Tile Flange


The Tool

A fresh install is one thing but we understand that a retrofit is a whole other beast, never knowing what you will find or what your going to have to remove before you can even start fixing the leak.

We decided to make this a thing of the past by designing a hole saw that solves all the problems in one step. Designed to cut a recess that allows the TAPFLASH system to slot straight into.  



Coated with a diamond edge the cutting tool is made to cut through any tile or substrate with a crisp cut not allowing for any cracking or damage to the external surfaces.



The cutter aligns itself to the tap shaft meaning that the hole is always aligned and cut in the correct place. No measuring no double checking just an assurance. 

The hole saw is also fitted with a stopper so you always drill to the correct depth stopping before hitting & causing any damage to the fitting.



No more picking away old silicone, remove what is required in the same step as cutting the recess. Any excess silicone can then be easily remove if desired.